Beat the bullying

By Joanna Kleovoulou

Bullying is rife and not something new in our schools. Often parents and teachers minimise this problem either because they are not sure how to deal with it effectively or they do not comprehend the severity of the impact this may have on a child’s overall development.

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Beware: bullies come in all shapes and sizes!

Barry Bateman Family Portraits Dec 2012
By Sholain Govender-Bateman

Within two months of Isobel(now 6) starting at a new preschool last year, she began complaining about a little boy, who I’ll refer to as A, who was mean to her….and we brushed it off.

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Hurt children hurt other children

By Mia Von Scha

What has always interested me most about bullying is who is bullying the bully? Bullying is never just a cut and dried case of this child here is the bully and that child there is the victim. In fact, it is very much a group dynamic. In 90% of cases of bullying you will find other children either standing by and not doing anything to help the ‘victim’ or actively participating in the bullying along with the ‘ringleader’ of the problem.

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Holiday hotspots in Joburg for little hell-raisers

By Tiffany Markman

Remember back when we were ‘young’ and break-up day was a good thing?

These days, I dread it. Largely because, unlike my toddler, I’m not on holiday for the next three weeks – and she still needs to be entertained. …So what’ve I been doing? I’ve been frantically booking off an afternoon here and a morning there, to schlep her off to places that will stimulate, excite and (okay, I’m being honest now) tire her sufficiently to allow me to work for the rest of that day.

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Taking your toddler to the Montecasino Bird Gardens

By Heather Step

Winter holidays are here and a great venue to take the kids to is the Montecasino Bird Gardens. We took advantage of my father visiting and decided to take my (just turned) two year old along.

I was in two minds whether to take the stroller or not, but in the end I was glad that I did. Little ones get tired of walking and adults get tired of carrying!

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Introducing a new baby to the family

By Mia Von Scha

We forget sometimes that wonderful events, like a new arrival in the family, can also be pretty stressful. If you look at the scale of life’s most stress-inducing events, the arrival of a new baby is up there with death in the family, divorce and losing a job. And often the one who feels this the most is the older sibling of the new arrival. So how can we help them to cope with this world-changing adaptation to their family?

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Oh, pretty please for potty parity!

By Tiffany Markman

I’m losing the battle with my husband when it comes to toddler toilet accompaniment in public. And I’m so frustrated that I need to open the issue to the floor, so to speak.

So, here we go …

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Are we drugging our children too easily?

adhd youth
By Mia Von Scha

I’m absolutely horrified by the number of children now on severely mind-altering drugs. Did you know that the fastest growing market for both Ritalin and Prozac is pre-school aged children? Why are our children depressed? Why is nobody looking into the underlying causes before medicating?

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Being a dad

Daniel janks 1
By Daniel Janks

A good friend of mine once equated becoming a parent with the first time you have sex. You think you know what it’s going to be like, what it’s going to feel like, what you’ll be like doing it, but the truth is you simply don’t.

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Edge of tomorrow: a review by Daniel Janks

Reviewed by Daniel Janks

I’d pay attention to the restriction, this is a pretty violent and gory film.

Bottom Line
Aliens? Check. Explosions? Check. Action? Check. Interesting premise? Check. Compelling character story and development? Um … a bit? Logical well thought out exposition of the narrative? Ja … well, you can’t have it all.

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