Kids pay the price for couple conflict

Carol Dixon
By Carol-Ann Dixon

From that first wondrous moment when children are birthed into life they begin to assimilate every relational experience through their interactions with those closest to them.

The space a couple creates ideally needs to be a sacred and safe place, because it is in this space between a couple that children can blossom and grow.

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Book reviews: Three lovely new kiddies books

sophie in the saddle
Reviewed by Kim Mari

We received 3 cool fun books for the boys to read and review just as we left for the start of a big adventure to Istanbul.

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Layered Tasty Patheria Casserole

layered veg side dish
Supplied by Anisha Mayet

The perfect starter dish to any main course, quick and easy but rich & tasty. This layered dish starts off with a layer of patheria leaves which is smothered in a pasted of spices, topped with a layer of cream style corn and then some tangy sauce, a layer of rich fresh cream and lastly a layer of rich fresh cream, then finally topped with fried purr or doritto chips. Perfect vegetarian snack to have on a cold night.

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Step-By-Step Chicken & Mushroom Pie

homemade chicken pie
Supplied by Shakerah Bhagalia

Try out this step-by-step recipe to make the perfect home made chicken pie with a melt in your mouth pastry. This pie is filled with a hearty flavour of spices, fresh herbs and finely cubed chicken. This pie can be frozen and baked at a later stage as well. Enjoy as a side dish or a starter to your main meal.

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Spicy Winter Vegetable Soup

vegetable soup recipe
Supplied by Nazmeera Moonda

A very delicious hearty, healthy soup with a variety of seasonal vegetables including carrots, peppers, mushrooms, green beans, peas, corn or any of your favourite vegetables. The pepper flavour adds a perfect taste for the cold winter days and the aroma of spices will get your tastebuds wanting more. This family treat can be savoured with some warm rolls or croutons.

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Embracing the digital gap

By Mia Von Scha

It is human nature to find fascination with things that are off limits…And so it is with technology and kids. If you say ‘no’ or block things it leads to an internal conflict and most likely some form of rebellion. They want to find out what it is that you’re hiding and then will do it behind your back.

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Review: Oliver Twist Musical, National Children’s Theatre

The full cast of Oliver Twist at the National Children’s Theatre; source: NCT
Review by Tiffany Markman

My older sister once told me that the best way to help little kids to enjoy musical theatre is to inundate them with the music beforehand.

I’ve tried this technique. It works!

Over the last four days, my four-year-old and I have been studiously listening to the soundtrack of the original London recording of Oliver! Yup, the 1960 stage version.

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It Takes A Special Father To Be A Dad!

Fatima Kazee

I read somewhere once that anyone can be a father but that it takes someone special to be a dad. I couldn’t agree more. And what exactly does this mean? Well, by definition, a father is a man who is the parent of a human being, or a male animal that has produced offspring. Hmmm. And for that we celebrate?

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Father’s Day: A State Of War Exists

Credit: Robin Davie Photography
By Daniel Janks

I’m a big guy. I’m six feet tall. I weigh around a hundred kilos. I have broad shoulders, a heavy manly beard, and I know 17 ways to kill a man with my bare hands – and four ways to do it with a rolled-up magazine. But all of it pales away to nothing when my 20kg four-year-old daughter juts out her jaw, looks me in the eye and decides to go to war.

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A family game: Dare, truth or promise

by Mia Von Scha

I enjoy games of all sorts, and I find that most kids do too, so I propose a reinvention of this crazy game with an alternative motive – to get to know your kids, to build family spirit and to help them through things they might be struggling with.

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