War & Peace: The myth of the happy family.

Mia Von Scha &kids
By Mia Von Scha

There’s a rumour going around that you know someone with a happy family – one where everyone is calm and respectful and kind and everyone gets along brilliantly; a family where everything flows and nobody fights. We’ve all heard of them. We all know they must be out there… somewhere.

Rubbish! I’m here today to break the illusion of the happy family so that you can all go back to your real lives and stop judging yourselves by unattainable standards.

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Review of Tech-Savvy Parenting: A Guide to Raising Safe Children in a Digital World

Reviewed by Tiffany Markman

In Tech-Savvy Parenting: A Guide to Raising Safe Children in a Digital World, parenting expert Nikki Bush and tech guru Arthur Goldstuck put their considerable brains together to guide us, ‘digital immigrants’, through an increasingly scary world.

This world is peopled by ‘digital natives’ – our children – who are tech-savvy but not always life-savvy; application-literate but not always emotionally literate; conversing but not always listening. And we, the immigrants, barely speak the language.

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A Lesson in Savings for Children

Lisa Illingworth
By Lisa Illingworth

As South Africans we do not have a culture of saving as indicated by the Savings Institute of South Africa, 75% of household income is going towards paying off debt as our countries economic recovery from the 2008 crisis is taking longer than most other emerging market economies.

Teaching children financial literacy is not just about giving them an allowance once a week or every month and telling them to spend it wisely, it means teaching them about concepts like taxation, credit and different ways of saving

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Financial freedom for parents (is that even a thing?)

By Tiffany Markman

It was with no small measure of trepidation that I rsvp’ed for Dr John Demartini’s talk on achieving financial freedom.

For one thing, it was in the evening – ruling out my involvement, after a long day’s work, in bath-time and bed-time. For another, Demartini looks exactly like one of those twangy Texan quacks motivational speakers who are always being caricatured in TV comedies. And for a third, I anticipated a roomful of Joburg’s financial down-and-outs – hardly scintillating sunset company.

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Evaluating whether moving schools can help

Susan Friese
By Susan Friese

A multitude of factors play a role when removing a child from one schooling environment and placing them in another, from professional assessment to mummy knows best to what does the child WANT to do.

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Whether to smack your child or not

by Kirsty Marais

What an insanely difficult topic to contemplate. In my opinion, only a question you can answer for yourself. I, myself was smacked as a child, to the extent that I would call it child abuse today. Let me put it to you this way, the thought of hitting my children with a belt or a sjambok has never crossed my mind and never will.

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Book Review: The Dark by Lemony Snicket

Reviewed by Fiona Ingram

The dark is a very interesting thing. There’s a lot of it when the light is off, as young Laszlo finds out when his night light bulb fails. Then the dark comes into his room.

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It’s never too late to change schools

Susan Friese
By Susan Friese

I often receive queries from parents asking “Isn’t it too late to change my child’s school?” It may be the end of the first term, mid year or in the last few weeks of the school year. My answer is always – no, it’s not too late if your child is unhappy.

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Don’t say DON’T to your children

By Mia Von Scha

Have you ever wondered why your kids do exactly what you asked them not to? It’s a general complaint that parents have and yet the answer and the solution are not that complicated. The solution comes in understanding how our minds process information.

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Banana oat flapjacks

By Abigail Courtenay

These flapjacks are honestly not only good for you, but are actually delicious! These would be great for a healthy breakfast for your little one, whether they have just started eating or are almost done with school… A definite crowd pleaser!

The ones I have made are egg and dairy free (as well as vegan), but if you like you can substitute the milk alternative for cow’s milk and I am sure the results will be just as great!

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