Hot Cross Buns recipe

Supplied by Daleen ter Wolbeek

1. Heat the milk, butter and orange zest in a saucepan on a gentle heat. Once the butter has melted take off the heat and set aside to infuse.
2. Combine flour, yeast, sultanas and cinnamon in a large bowl.
3. When the milk mixture has become tepid (it should feel neither hot nor cold when you dip your finger into it) beat in the egg and add the wet mixture to the dry ingredients…

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Make your very own Easter eggs

Supplied by Daleen ter Wolbeek

1. Make sure your eggs are nice and cool.
2. In a bowl (or bowls) mix 1 tbsp food colouring, 1 tbsp vinegar and water. Add more food colouring if you wish.
3. Submerge your eggs in the colouring one by one – keep is submerge for longer periods for deeper colours!…

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“I can see the whole earth from here!”: A review of the Joburg Red Bus Tour

“I can see the whole earth from here!” – Milla, aged nearly-three
Review by Tiffany Markman

Off we went, armed with tons of padkos, to gaze upon our city’s famous CBD and surrounds from the comfortable upper deck of a gleaming Joburg Red Bus.

We left from Park Station – where there’s lots of parking and a Burger King ;) – and chugged at a bussish pace through the city streets, checking out sidewalk traffic, local markets, incredible art deco buildings, weird and wonderful graffiti, and decaying urban ruins. Without having to get off and explore, until we were ready.

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Playing is learning

By Mia Von Scha

I’m always touting the importance of allowing your kids time to just be – not proving their worth through academics or sports or any other activity designed to agree with our adult agendas. But have you ever noticed what it is that kids get up to when left to their own devices?

That’s right, they play!

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Children and creative flow

ira bekker
By Ira Bekker

My most important realisation was that we are all born creative. Many of us loose our connection to our creative spirits through conditioning and negative beliefs we are imprinted with at school and home but in reality we all have access to unlimited ideas, skills and insights that we can ‘download’ from the creative soup. Young children do this all the time if allowed to experience and explore.

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Stress-free family holiday travel – how to get there

By Mia Von Scha

It seldom occurs to us when planning an exciting holiday with our children that they might find it stressful. We forget that holidays often mean venturing into the great unknown and have kids feeling anything from mild nerves to downright terror.

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Why and how to travel with kids

By Rainer Jenss

After returning from a family vacation to London several years ago, my wife and I were commenting how much the boys enjoyed the experience of being overseas. That’s when the light bulb went off in our heads simultaneously. We realized that this crazy idea was actually something we could reconsider doing because we could provide the boys with a foundation that would serve them well long into their adult lives. Four years later, we deconstructed our lives, sloughing off a dozen monthly bills, corporate job responsibilities and home ownership. We put all of our possessions in storage and hit the road.

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Kids sleepover or parenting nightmare?

By Judith Ancer

The sleepover is one of the modern rituals of childhood. Children and teenagers beg parents to allow them to host or attend sleepovers, with the promise of pillow fights and midnight feasts, the tests of ghost stories and truth or dare.

What can go wrong?

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Protecting kids on the internet pt 2 – social media slang & tips for kids

by Mike Saunders & Tamryn Coats

While the internet has a number of dangerous aspects to it, the ones that pertain to children generally fall into two categories:

1. Children accessing forbidden content

Children can access forbidden content through internet searches, having friends share content on social networks, taking part in video and online gaming, and through instant messaging groups.

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Protecting kids on the internet pt 1 – guidelines for parents

By Mike Saunders & Tamryn Coats

Our children are being raised unsupervised in a digital world, and parents are ill equipped to protect them. Here are some guidelines which I hope will help empower you to parent effectively in this digital age.

Take an active and informed interest in your children’s lives, online & in the real world. Talk to them about their life online; that way if problems arise you’ll be the one they turn to.

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