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Review: Supreme Divas

Review: Supreme Divas

Supreme Divas is diva-ine. Expect a glorious mix of the big and loud, the sweet and slow, and even the gentle growl, divided into two acts: ‘then’ (80s/90s hits) and ‘now’ (big songs of the 2000s). Expect inter-generational entertainment, perfect for younger audiences (aged 8+) from musical or theatrical families, and pretty much anyone else who’s enjoyed strong female voices from 1980 to date. Expect a fun, festive, charming night out.

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The BFG  : a movie review

The BFG : a movie review

Reviewed by Daniel Janks: actor, creative director, writer, cynic, father, husband. He was born in 1977 and has still not died. He loves many things, chief among which are his mythic wife and odd girl-child. Visit his website. Director Steven Spielberg Writer Melissa...Read more