My son, the gadget guru

By Lebogang Xolo

My son is turning 4 years old. Time flew by so fast, I’m actually counting fingers as I write this, double checking if it’s really 4. I can tell you one thing ‘boys are very different from girls!’ Unlike the sister, he has always been physically active. In class he’s been allowed to swap a couple of music lessons for the trampoline.

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3 Schools in 3 years

By #GabKe_

My eldest daughter wasn’t planned, but to this day she is the happiest surprise I have ever had. I was younger than most moms of my generation and extremely naïve. I didn’t really have anyone guiding me in the right direction and hoped like hell I wasn’t gonna mess up my kids for good! I chose my daughter’s first formal school based on location, (yes, emphasis on naïve).

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Menlyn Park – Fun Company Review

Reviewed by Sholain Govender-Bateman

What a fun experience going to the newly opened Menlyn Park fun centre! As a rule, hubby and I avoid busy shopping malls with the girls and rather go to parks and restaurants that have open air playgrounds and jungle gyms. However, we decided to give the new play area a go and it was a hit!

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6 tips for raising strong daughters

My mom told me I was Wonderwoman. I believed her.
by Tiffany Markman

Recent research about women and business isn’t pretty. We’re comparatively worse than men at negotiations and navigating the challenges of the workplace. We’re less able to ask for what we’re worth and therefore less likely to succeed professionally. So what do we do, as moms (and dads) to raise strong daughters? Here are 6 tips.

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Top trends for children’s books in 2015

Meet Timmy Failure.
By Tiffany Markman

From touchy-feely toddler deliciousness to beautiful creatures for tweens and scary-sassy-heartbreak for teens, plus everything you can think of in between, including science, there are some exciting trends coming to children’s publishing* in 2015.

I’ve grouped them by (approximate) age, so you know what to look for:

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Cheesy corn bread recipe

By Nicole Sartini

This recipe has been a firm favourite with my kids since they were small and works well as a lunch box addition too. I like to add different herbs – sometimes basil and parsley and other times mixed dried herbs if I don’t have fresh. I have also added chopped peppadews or roasted marrows and leek to vary this bread

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Raising boys for my girls

By Mia Von Scha

I’m the proud mother of two girls. It’s something I boast about.but the truth is, that having girls makes me more, not less, concerned with the raising of boys. I want my girls one day to find a man who has empathy and kindness and can work out relationship problems with maturity and is in touch with his emotions not bottling them up and then exploding.

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DIY Kids: Making coloured rice

By Nadia Tayob

Making coloured rice with children is a process activity that is fun while teaching them some life skills without them even realizing that they are learning something. Yes, Mom can make it at home while they are at school but then you miss out on some valuable fun teaching moments. All you need are ingredients you probably already have in your pantry!

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Lunch box challenge

lunch box recipes
By Abby Courtenay

Are you feeling a bit uninspired when it comes to packing your child’s lunch box? Why not take up the challenge! Four ingredients each one done in two exciting ways to spruce up any lunch box!

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Carrot cake with walnuts and cranberries

By Nicole Sartini

This is a healthy alternative to many other kinds of cakes. This cake recipe has the added health benefit of cranberries and nuts, plus it makes a great teatime or even lunchbox treat for kids. If your kids don’t like nuts you can grind them to a powder to disguise them.

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