Why do babies cry?

Why babies cry
By Dr Mike Marinus

There are not many noises that have the ability to send you flying into action more than the sound of a baby crying. To come the aid of a crying child is so deeply rooted in our genetic code that it is virtually impossible to ignore. I have worked with babies for a little over ten years now and have not yet developed the smallest amount of immunity to it…and that’s exactly what nature intended.

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Beating the baby blues

By Mia Von Scha

Having a baby is a momentous event. The kind of event that kicks you so far out of your comfort zone that you don’t even know what planet you’re on.

We all know about the nice side of it – the miracle of a new life, the immense and overwhelming love, the snuggling baby at your bosom. In fact, we’re inundated with images and articles and information about how wonderful it is to have a baby. But what about the dark side?

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Breastfeeding and work: Let’s make it work

Jessica Ferguson
By Jessica Ferguson

We all know that breastfeeding is the best option for your baby, but moms often have to return to work while their babies are still breastfeeding. Many moms want to continue to give their babies’ breastmilk once they start work because they don’t want their baby to miss out on the advantages of breastfeeding. So, what’s a mom to do?

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Movie review: Minions (2015)

Reviewed by Joy Dembo

All I can say about Minions is that it is CUTE…Cute… and even cuter than cute!!!

My one gripe about this film is that it does not feature Gru, and whilst the Minions are adorable and certainly work on their own, Gru was an integral part of the first two movies which introduced the Minions, ie. Despicable Me 1 and 2.

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Moist And Rich Chocolate Cake

chocolate cake
Supplied by Sumaya Omar

A delicious soft and moist and rich chocolate cake, decadently indulgent. Any one who has never baked will find this recipe easy and pleasing. Top with any of your choice, butter cream icing, fresh cream, or chocolate ganache.

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Book Review: Party Time by Lizelle de Kock

Party Time by Lizelle de Kock
Reviewed by Tiffany Markman

Lizelle de Kock’s Party Time, a practical and detailed party-planning book, both thrilled and annoyed me.

I was thrilled because it’s a) gorgeous, b) packed with lovely ideas, inspiration and how-tos and c) not targeted at professional-standard bakers, decorators or stylists. It’s for normal human moms. You know, real ones. Who are always in a hurry.

So why was I annoyed? Because 25% of the themes presented in Party Time (3 of the 12) are themes of parties I’ve already hosted in the last four years – and this book didn’t exist back then. My parties could have been much better!

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Do we overexert our children?

By Gabke

I told myself before I had kids that I wouldn’t be one of those moms. You know the type. The crazy, frazzled woman running around like a chicken without a head, with the perpetual ponytail and lack of makeup. Every time you see her she’s rushing to her next destination, with a passing, “Sorry I gotta run, late again…” That’s me.

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Kids pay the price for couple conflict

Carol Dixon
By Carol-Ann Dixon

From that first wondrous moment when children are birthed into life they begin to assimilate every relational experience through their interactions with those closest to them.

The space a couple creates ideally needs to be a sacred and safe place, because it is in this space between a couple that children can blossom and grow.

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Book reviews: Three lovely new kiddies books

sophie in the saddle
Reviewed by Kim Mari

We received 3 cool fun books for the boys to read and review just as we left for the start of a big adventure to Istanbul.

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Layered Tasty Patheria Casserole

layered veg side dish
Supplied by Anisha Mayet

The perfect starter dish to any main course, quick and easy but rich & tasty. This layered dish starts off with a layer of patheria leaves which is smothered in a pasted of spices, topped with a layer of cream style corn and then some tangy sauce, a layer of rich fresh cream and lastly a layer of rich fresh cream, then finally topped with fried purr or doritto chips. Perfect vegetarian snack to have on a cold night.

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