Using a fitness tracker to stay fit

Sholain  Govender Bateman 2015
Reviewed by Sholain Governder-Bateman

As if being a full-time working mum of two young children wasn’t hectic enough, there’s also the added pressure to stay fit. Solution – Get a fitness tracker for motivation and to keep track of how active you actually are.

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Your child’s mistakes are new beginnings

By Nikki Bush

Your child knocks over a glass of milk in the preschool years. Your response to this little accident will determine how he/she views their mistakes moving forward. Is making a mistake, such as accidentally spilling the milk, about being wrong or imperfect, or is it about the teachable moment – the lesson learnt?

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DIY Kids : Party pack pinatas

20150518_112225 2
By Khatija Suliman

These cute adorable characters make a great addition to a jungle themed party.

They can be used as decor , entertainment and party packs.

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Kids’ parties: to DIY or not to DIY?

Party 2015: Décor by me; Photography by Robyn Davie Photography
By Tiffany Markman

My daughter just turned four and I DIYed most of her party. With some help. Along the way I learned a lot. So here are 10 tips from a newly-crowned Party Mom, if you’re heading for or thinking of a DIY party.

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A Little Chaos : a review by Daniel Janks

A Little Chaos
By Daniel Janks

This is a great film. It’s about love, and feminism, and French-ness and the ridiculousness of royalty. It’s about loss and learning to live again. It’s about taking chances and finding salvation in the chaos that lurks just beyond the borders of the illusion of order we impose on the world.

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Mad Max Fury: a review by Daniel Janks

Mad Max Fury
Reviewed by Daniel Janks

Look, it’s weird, and gory, and just not for kids. Hell, it’s Mad Max.

Bottom Line

Mad Max Rockatansky is back and he’s seems, finally, to actually have gone mad. According to my wife this is an inexplicable movie where a bunch of bad guy freaks drive around the desert in weird cars chasing a buch of good guy freaks in more weird cars (or in this case a truck). My response was: “I know, right? Isn’t it awesome?”

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Help your child learn problem-solving skills

Lientjie Young Impak
By Lientjie Young

The development of mathematical thinking is one of the most important reasons why kids do Maths at school. It is not simply about the following the steps, but also about developing problem-solving skills. Unfortunately, it is not easy to develop these skills, and it is particularly challenging for teachers in today’s crowded classrooms where individual attention is not always possible.

Luckily, parents can make an important contribution in the lower grades by doing exercises with their children.

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Pitch Perfect 2 : a review by Daniel Janks

Pitch Perfect 2
By Daniel Janks

Yes I’m a 38 year old man with healthy beard, it doesn’t mean I can’t like acapella movies set in college and high-school about a group of loser girls who band together to find their cool, find their voice, and find themselves. And I did, hell I loved this movie. And you will too.

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Making the most of load shedding

Mia Von Scha &kids
By Mia Von Scha

These power outages can really get one down. I know. I’ve done my fair share of complaining. We have a right to have a bit of a moan. But thinking negatively can really drain your energy!

I felt I needed a bit of a pick me up on this particular subject so a friend and I made a list of 100 benefits to the rolling blackouts. We thought we’d share it with you in the hopes that it will light up your day as much as it did ours.

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Child 44 : a review by Daniel Janks

Reviewed by Daniel Janks

It’s dark and moody, but it’s not too gory or graphic.

Bottom Line

Child 44 is a good film. It’s a bit all over the place and tries to be too many things all at the same time. But it’s a good, interesting, drama-serial killer-love story-historic-spy-noir-flik.

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