Help! My kid has too many toys

My kids have too many toys
By Tiffany Markman

I don’t know about you, but my kid’s playroom fills me with anxiety.

There are overflowing bookshelves.
There is a play kitchen – well, a play kitchen post a small earthquake.
There is a large blackboard, with multiple stompies of associated chalk.
There are enough plush animals, dolls and characters to fill an ark.
There is Lego. Crayons. Puzzles. Fluffy boas. Masks. Bottles of bubbles.

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The Drop: a review by Daniel Janks

Reviewed by Daniel Janks

There is much to keep the kiddies away. This is a slow paced, suspenseful, thriller with more than it’s fair share of gore, be it is ever so subtle and understated.

Bottom Line

It isn’t often I give a film 5/5/. It requires a special mixture of style, panache, deep integrity, subtle grandeur and the ability to utterly enthral me. The Drop knocks it out of the park in every way.

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Tarzan 3D : a review by Daniel Janks

Reviewed by Daniel Janks

This isn’t a good film. The story is a bizarre and incomprehensible take on a classic narrative that has stood the test of time practically unblemished. The animation is far below the standards we’ve come to expect from contemporary visual effects. And the rhythms and nuances of the film are just off enough to be jarring.

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Study tips for exams

By Brad Wilmot

Around the country students are running critically short of time to learn all they need to ahead of the exams. Moms may well be anxious and taking on a helicopter approach to guide their child through the exams, and anxiety is very quickly becoming the order of the day. My advice at this time of the year is: keep it practical and uncomplicated.

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Exam stress

By Fatima Kazee

November always seems like the longest month of the year to me. There’s the end of year functions, school prize-giving’s, concerts and…. Exams. The stress of the exams alone is enough to warrant a long beach holiday where there are no books, pens, Annie apples or Uppie umbrellas.

These days I know that I don’t have much to stress about since my boys are in the foundation phase of school, yet I still do. What if my son fails grade 1? …

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When the game stands tall : a review by Daniel Janks

Reviewed by Daniel Janks

There’s not much to prevent kids from watching this. Some folks die and stuff, but not on screen, and it’s pretty boring, but that’s a note for adults too, so …

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Understanding your child’s values and priorities

By Mia Von Scha

Every child, just like every adult has a set of values, a hierarchy of things that are from most to least important to them. With children under 10, their highest value will usually have something to do with play, although this will differ from child to child. For example, one may like playing with dinosaurs and another with dolls and another may like playing ball games.

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Crunchies with Oats and Pronutro

By Heather Page

This is a great recipe for those with kids who

1) Won’t eat breakfast (my mom made this for me for that reason)

2) Are addicted to biscuits (my child is)

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Pumpkin Fritters recipe

By Heather Step

I have fond memories of my mother making this recipe and the smell of cinnamon wafting through the air. This is a tasty way to eat pumpkin. They can be eaten warm or cold, although warm is such a treat for a cold night’s dessert. The pumpkin can be replaced with butternut and for a low carb/ Banting option you can replace flour with coconut flour and the sugar with xylitol. It also makes a yummy lunch box treat for your children.

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Return to the Big Screen!

Reviewed by Joy Dembo

This sweet movie made me feel extremely nostalgic, as my 30 year old daughter was just a kid when the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie was released. In fact she grew up with the lovable pizza eating grand master turtles. Three decades on, I can unashamedly say that even without having a kid to use as an excuse to go and see the sequel, I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful 3D movie.

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