Why kids *must* speak a second language

mandela language
By Tiffany Markman

My four-year-old is learning isiZulu. Her pre-school offers it in the form of a weekly class. But she’s also ‘studying’ isiZulu after school, every day of the week, with her nanny. Why? Because I believe that being able to communicate with more than 70%* of our country’s people is an important part of being a South African citizen. And for a whole host of other reasons…

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I don’t understand what my family has done wrong.

By an 11 yr old Zimbabwean

My name is Danai Pachedu and I am 11-years-old. For the past two weeks my life has changed.

I have been scared to go to the shops because people may recognise me. I have stopped speaking Shona in public or too loudly at home because I might be recognised and our house identified.

I don’t go to the park to play anymore because I might not come back if someone recognises me. I spend most of my time inside our yard or at my private school because I am afraid to go anywhere and be recognised

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DIY Kids: Open face omelets

By Khatija Suliman

The art of cooking should not be limited to the Master Chefs’ kitchen. Allowing our children the opportunity to express creativity in the kitchen has invaluable benefits for fine motor and sensory development.

This family recipe makes for a visually appealing, fun and rewarding fine motor and sensory activity.

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DIY Kids : Use household & office supplies

By Khatija Suliman

We are often discouraged by the cost and effort of buying expensive art supplies that we neglect our children’s needs for expression and development of their fine motor skills. Here are 3 ideas for turning humble office supplies into spectacular works of art.

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DIY Kids : Easter Bunnies

By Khatija Suliman

Here is an adorable craft for the whole family to do this weekend (supplied by Arty Tots Sunninghill).

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Review: One Direction – Delightful, Delicious, Determined!

Pic source: 1d-updatesx
by Tiffany Markman

With the recent exit of Zayn Malik, it was up to me and 94 999 other Joburgers – host to 1D’s first official foursome performance at FNB Stadium – to show Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan that broken hearts should go to South Africa.

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How about taking your kids fishing?

By Fatima Kajee

As a mum I find that I tend to second guess myself a lot. I never really feel like I do enough for my children, or maybe I just don’t know how to give myself the credit for it. So in continuing with my quest to find ways to raise kids that are not couch potato/technology addicted/money-driven/spoiled brats that have no idea of what goes on in the real world, I’ve been trying to see the good in some of the things we do with our kids. One of which is spending time outdoors.

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DIY Kids : 2 min, 2 ingredients for sensory play

By Khatija Suliman

I am a huge fan of quick and cost effective play ideas. Who has the time and energy or the money for that matter to go around looking for expensive, so called novelty play activities when you can make them at home in a jiffy, with items you can find in your pantry and bathroom cabinet ?

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Mamma Mia ! Theatre Review

Mamma Mia Montecasino
Reviewed by Tiffany Markman

The Mamma Mia movie of 2008 sucked, right? Right.

Pierce Brosnan should never be allowed to sing in public and even Meryl Streep couldn’t save him. But last night’s performance of Mamma Mia at Montecasino’s Teatro was so incredibly good that I want to watch the movie again.

It’s perfectly slick

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Alternatives to TV time for toddlers

arty tots sunninghill bathtime
By Khatija Suliman

I plead guilty to using the television as a distraction tactic. Out of desperation trying to get just 5 min to get done whatever it is I need to do like cooking, packing my handbag clearing the kitchen, I pop the little ones in front of the TV in hope it will numb their brain and deactivate them.

Thankfully I have found much more creative, stimulating ideas to keep them busy while I get on with my chores. I would like to share with you my secret to success.

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