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The Lorax is quite possibly one of the sweetest movies I have seen in a long time!  In typical Dr Seuss fashion, it is total escapism.. a chance to just smile and laugh,  and get lost in the absurdity.

The kids will go nuts for this movie, but I am not ashamed to say that I enjoyed every minute of the movie,  and I am an old lady with grown up kids!

The movie is a computer animated  3D extravaganza, based on the children’s book of the same name, written by Dr Seuss. The movie was released by Universal Pictures on 02 March 2012, which would have been Dr Seuss’ 108th birthday, and also marks the debut of Universal’s centennial logo.

The film centres around Ted (Voiced by Zack Efron), a 12-year-old boy, who lives in “Thneed-Ville”.  Thneed-Ville is a totally enclosed manmade city, and for the most part, the citizens are perfectly happy in their little artificial world.

Ted is head over heels in love with Audrey (Voiced by Taylor Swift), and in his quest to win her favour, he discovers that the one thing Audrey yearns for is to see a REAL tree, so he sets out to find one!  Ted’s extremely funny grandma (voiced by Betty White of The Golden Girls fame) suggests he speak with the Once-ler.

The search for the Once-ler (Voiced by Ed Helms) leads Ted to venture out of Thneed-Ville for the first time,  and he soon discovers that the outside world is a vast, scary wasteland and the Once-ler is a grumpy and bitter old man.  Never-the-less the Once-ler agrees to tell Ted why there are no trees in Thneed-Ville and how to find one, if Ted agrees to return and listen to HIS story!

Ted agrees, even though the arrogant, mean, and  greedy mayor of Thneed-Ville, Aloysius O’Hare, puts pressure on him not to leave town, as he is afraid that if Ted discovers the truth, his bottled oxygen business might be in danger of going bankrupt.

The Once-ler  tells Ted how he met the Lorax, (Voiced by Danny de Vito) a cute, charming, but grumpy little creature, who is the guardian of the land.  He also recounts how he had invented the “thneed”, made from tree tufts!  His thriving business leads to way too many trees being chopped down and so the demise of the precious tree began! Eventually, the forests are completely depleted, and even the Lorax and all the wildlife leave, and the Once-ler is left alone and broken to deal with the disaster he has created.

The Once-Ler sees a chance to rectify the situation through Ted, and Ted sets out on a mission to restore the trees and the wonders of nature to Thneed-Ville, which makes for a comical, musical adventure that you can’t help but enjoy!

The film releases throughout South Africa on 23 March, and will put a smile on your kids’ faces this Easter.

There is also an important environmental message in this movie, in keeping with this age of environmental awareness, following years of destructive behaviour by mankind.

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